Exciting Speed and Power
BFT 250/225/200
BFT250, 225, and 200 bring a large displacement 3.5 liter V6.
This narrow V6 design offers great torque and top end
performance, as well as magnificent fuel economy.
They provide power where and when you need it, giving you a broader,
flatter torque and smooth power delivery throughout the engine’s
operating range

Sleek, Smooth and Powerful
BFT 150/115
The Tohatsu in-line 4 cylinder BFT150
and BFT115 four stroke outboard
offers top class fuel efficiency while
maintaining power and smooth cruise.
The Variable Valve Timing and Lift
Control system provides power where
and when you need it, giving you
excellent low-end torque and top end
The result is a superior combination of
power, torque and fuel efficiency

Versatile and Loyal
BFT 90/75/60
BFT 90, 75, 60 are among
the lightest in this class. They deliver
exceptional torque and power by
advanced technologies.
The Lean Burn Control, in addition,
will get you better fuel economy
while at cruising speed.




Innovation meets reliability
Thanks to Tohatsu’s 5hp Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) outboard, sailors
are no longer forced to carry gasoline on board. The 5hp LPG comes equipped
with a fuel line that will connect to any standard North American propane tank.
Our innovative LPG outboard will run for a full 5 hours at WOT on a single 11lb propane
tank, without sacrificing performance.
Exclusive to Tohatsu’s LPG outboard is the Safety Fuel Shut Off Valve which keeps propane
fuel from continuously running when engine is not in use. Plus, since the 5hp LPG does
not require ethanol gas, this propane outboard requires almost zero maintenance
on fuel related components. We offer a 20” and 25” shaft Sail Pro model
which includes a 12V 60W 5A charging system and high thrust prop.
What sailor doesn’t want a virtually maintenance free engine that Backs You Up ™ ?